exdehl is a system emulating Z80 debugger. It’s purpose is to run and debug bare metal Z80 code that can be tested on a variety of systems.

The systems can be composed of loadable modules, which provide the devices around the cpu. The focus of these devices is not clock-perfect emulation, but rather a good-enough emulation of the observable behaviour of those devices, from the point of view of the cpu. This is not an emulator, but a debugger. For more information, check the documentation section below.

exdehl is released unter the terms of the GPL version 2.

If you have anything to say about this, comments, bug reports, whatever, feel free to email them to


There are also manual pages included with exdehl.


Get it from the git repository at Codeberg.


  • z80 system emulating debugger

    I had a need for a z80 emulator with debugger, in order to do some old school bare metal programming. However, none of the available options seemed to fit my need, so I went ahead and created a new one.