You may find some more stuff in my git repositories at and

  • debug.lua
    a terminal based lua debugger
  • exdehl
    a system emulating z80 debugger
  • lpty
    a lua module for pty control
  • lsocket
    simple and easy socket support for lua
  • ltcltk
    a binding to tcl and tk for lua
  • lui
    a simple cross platform gui library for lua
  • meldritch
    a moddable build of the Eldritch engine
  • mini_utf8
    a header only utf8 library
  • psftools
    tools for psf font file editing
  • shortcut
    a simple command shortcut facility for linux and probably other unixen
  • term
    termios and terminal programming for zig
  • termfx
    fancy terminal programming for lua