• Welcome to tset.de!

    Welcome to the rebuild of tset.de. I’ve switched to a static site builder. The content is basically the same as before, with some things still in the pipeline.

  • Command shortcuts for linux

    Shell aliases are nice, but very shell specific. On my personal computers, I use the fish shell, but for work I use bash, so this is not really portable. As the need arose to simplify some of my command line one-liners, I opted for door two, which is a small program that implements command shortcuts.

  • z80 system emulating debugger

    I had a need for a z80 emulator with debugger, in order to do some old school bare metal programming. However, none of the available options seemed to fit my need, so I went ahead and created a new one.

  • Finding duplicates

    Recently I needed to find all duplicates of a file on some servers, but the duplicates might have a different file name. I was quite astounded that I could not find something that would do this. There are a lot of programs that will find all duplicates on a disk for you, but they will take forever, and I only needed to find duplicates of a single file. So I rolled my own. It is just a small perl script, but is quite fast nonetheless.

  • Terminal library for zig

    I’ve recently started to learn the zig programming language. The first potentially usable thing to come out of this is an implementation of the termios interface in zig.

  • Final version of meldritch

    I’ve put up the most recent development source code of mEldritch, in case someone wants to do something with it. It features quite a few enhancements with regards to the last proper release. Get it from the project page.

  • Beginnings of a mod for meldritch

    I have played around for some time with making a mod for mEldritch. Sadly I lack the time to do any more work on it, but maybe someone might want to pick it up to complete it or to tear it apart to use in their own mod. You can find it on the mEldritch project page.

  • Library for Console KeyBoard handling

    I’ve created a small library to read keyboard events from a mediumraw keyboard in the linux console, It is intended to be used with framebuffer applications, and supports both raw key events and full character input including modifiers and dead char handling. You can find it at it’s Codeberg repo.