ltcltk is not supported any more!

I don’t use it any more, and apparently neither does anybody else. There was a major rewrite in progress, the results of which can be downloaded here, but it is not complete, and finishing it is just too much work for a userbase of exactly zero.

Doug Currie has picked this up and made it work with lua 5.3. You can find his work at

ltcltk is released unter the terms of the MIT license.

If you have anything to say about this, comments, bug reports, whatever, feel free to email them to

What is it?

ltcltk is a binding of the Tcl skripting language and, more importantly, of the Tk toolkit to the lua skripting language. It consists of 2 modules, ltcl and ltk.

ltcl is the binding to the Tcl interpreter. It allows to access Tcl variables from Lua, function calls from Lua to Tcl and also from Tcl to Lua, plus the ability to define Tcl functions in Lua.

ltk is a simple pure-Lua binding to the Tk toolkit that uses ltcl to access the Tk functionality through a Tcl interpreter. All standard Tk functions and widgets from Tk 8.4 and Tk 8.5 are supported, with the ability to provide Lua functions where standard Tk expects Tcl functions or scripts. A few Tcl functions that seemed useful in the context of ltk are also provided.


Additional documentation on Tcl and Tk is available from


You can get ltcltk-0.9-2 by clicking on this link. If you fetch it from here, the included README gives hints on how to build it.