a simple command shortcut facility for linux and probably other unixen. Kinda like shell alias, but portable between all shells.

The idea is to have an executable text file that contains all of the shortcuts and their expansions, and then provide the shortcuts as symlinks to this file. This allows for global shortcuts, but also for user- or even project specific ones, as you can have as many of these files as you like.

shortcut is released unter the terms of the MIT license.

If you have anything to say about this, comments, bug reports, whatever, feel free to email them to



Get it from the git repository at Codeberg.


  • Command shortcuts for linux

    Shell aliases are nice, but very shell specific. On my personal computers, I use the fish shell, but for work I use bash, so this is not really portable. As the need arose to simplify some of my command line one-liners, I opted for door two, which is a small program that implements command shortcuts.