This is a build of the Eldritch source code released by David Pittman that has been modified to support modding more easily. Thanks, David, for releasing the source code to your game, and for being very helpful with this project!

This version of Eldritch has been tested with the humble version of Eldritch on Windows 7, Linux (XUbuntu 16.04 and 17.10) and MacOSX Yosemite. It has also been tested with the windows steam version of Eldritch on Windows 7, Linux and Mac. Note that since release 256, only 64-bit builds are provided. 32-bit builds are no longer suported.

You need the original game to use this, which you can get from
Important note: mEldritch will not work with Build 400+ of Eldritch (a.k.a. Eldritch Reanimated), you will need to use the legacy version!

Like David’s original Eldritch sources, this is available unter the zlib license. The license itself is included in the source archive.

If you have anything to say about this, comments, bug reports, whatever, feel free to email them to

Major changes to the original Eldritch source are:

  • unified build system (Makefiles & gcc) on all 3 platforms
  • ported editor and all tools (except for the ContentSyncer) to Mac and Linux
  • revised loader for game assets, for easy overriding of game assets in mods
  • revised config file loader, with a similar purpose
  • changed a few editor key bindings from the original, since they clashed with stuff on Linux or Mac. Also, made a few other keys available in the game, like Quicksave/load (using the latter will leave a mark on your game screen, though ;) )
  • screenshots working on all platforms
  • made all spawners that make sense available in the editor
  • made a subtool to choose the theme for your room from within the editor
  • an entry point to mods having new worlds within the game
  • added PNG loading for textures
  • a preview mode for the editor
  • limited scripting using the lua scripting language
  • and a load of smaller things to facilitate the above
  • provided example mods, and something resembling the beginnings of a documentation
  • added support for steam content. Thanks go to David for providing the source code for some missing components and allowing me to distribute them with mEldritch under the same license as the rest of the Eldritch source code!


Someone actually did something with this! Meaning, there is a mod. You can find it here.



The current build is 256, released on Apr 01, 2018.

Old Releases


I have begun to make a mod based on the movie “The Whisperer in the Darkness”. I made some custom models, textures, a few rooms, some config files, but I lack the time to do any more work on it. If anyone wants do complete it, or study it, they’re more than welcome to. You can download the stuff here. It is released under a CC BY 4.0 license.


  • Final version of meldritch

    I’ve put up the most recent development source code of mEldritch, in case someone wants to do something with it. It features quite a few enhancements with regards to the last proper release. Get it from the project page.

  • Beginnings of a mod for meldritch

    I have played around for some time with making a mod for mEldritch. Sadly I lack the time to do any more work on it, but maybe someone might want to pick it up to complete it or to tear it apart to use in their own mod. You can find it on the mEldritch project page.